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Jezebel Yum (AKA Jenna, Ruby)

Bella Bellucci (Admin)
1857 days ago



Porn Star Jezebel Yum passed this week. Unfortunately, circumstances had pushed her to a place where she could no longer continue on and chose to end her life. We had only met once so I didn't know her all that well, but whenever I did see her she always seemed happy and was always smiling, but was always 'on.'

Like many of us, she probably felt it was important to keep many of her true feelings close to herself. In fact, the first time I'd ever seen her, it was on a website on which some of her 'sisters' would post her boy photos. Despite the attacks she continued to persevere, so much so that the next time I saw her, she was already on huge star.

If anyone knew her better than I (particularly if you knew her as a person outside of porn) and has any other information, please post it here. Thank you, and may the fallen not rest in peace, but live on forever in our hearts and minds.





1857 days ago


she was sooooo pretty!!!!!!

Maybe if she just had someone in her life by her side who would stay by her side thru thick and thin. 

GODS! its events like this that anger me.....

someone so beautiful ending their life.

Sure, they are posing for the photos, but you can see kindness and a gentle soul in those eyes

Im sad and mad that she couldn't get help, or there wasn't someone there to stop her, or to do something ya know.


*sad/depressed now*

Bella Bellucci (Admin)
1851 days ago

Here's the news story in the Pasadena Star:


So sad. :(